Microtones is an electronic music collective started in 2018. Our events have taken place primarily in the historic Forest City Lodge #180, home to the Elks for over 100 years in Ithaca, NY.

ITSIT Performing February 2018. Photo by Brian Roller.

Outside the Elks lodge just before the 22nd Microtones event. Poster by Elena Sabin.

Together with the members of the Elks, we have created an inclusive space for appreciating music from musical artists from around Ithaca and beyond who are pushing the creative boundaries of electronic music. Partnering with this historic organization, Microtones regularly offered support toward the physical upkeep of the Lodge and contributes to an Elks goal of sponsoring activities focused on community building. The Microtones events showcase the historic Elks Lodge of Ithaca and their mission, while promoting an atmosphere of inclusion and tolerance.

Dancefloor from our 32nd event with Adab & Re with lights by Transparency.
We have hosted >35 events with >80 artists from around the world spanning the far reaches of electronic music.

We are now also hosting events in Detroit where we wish to play a small role in helping bring people together, build camaraderie through art and music, and convert sound into tangible support for people.

Currently Active

Maro Kariya (instagram inquiries go to them)
Kristi Gogos
Chris Knight
Jacob Mroczek
Kamal Naeem
West D. Fox
Ashley Cook
Margaret O'Sullivan
Katie Hawley
Laurie-Beth Cole

less / inactive

Miranda Gheris
Brian Thrash
Joel Pennell
Ray Difasi
Audrey Wachs
Brian Roller
Demitria Gogos
Elena Sabin
Heather Fae Calla
Jackie Moon
John Lai
Kelsey Gardner
Michael Ziegler
Nick Doehrmann
Yoon Cha