Microtones - ADAB & Re

Microtones - ADAB & Re


The long awaited return of Microtones in the ballroom of Forest City Lodge #180. To guide us in this warm reunion is adab, who has consistently left us in awe through their imaginative and cohesive sets in physical and virtual settings.

adab is 1/2 of Cleveland party Heaven is in You, and puts heavy emphasis on seeking the unifying elements in the world and themselves through djing. Characterized often by their palette of sounds, they made a name for themselves in Cleveland spinning a variety of genres (house/techno/beats etc.) and venues alike. Having started djing dance music heavily as a result of finding Cleveland's queer run techno party In Training and being a non binary black youth raised across a few states in the Rustbelt (IL/MICH/OH), they seek to unabashedly open up new understandings for both themselves and others...


一 Motherbeat, Heaven is in You | Pittsburgh, PA

一 https://soundcloud.com/adab

resident support from re



***if you're sick, please stay home to protect others

***entry will only be granted with proof of vaccination and identification we encourage people to wear masks a sign in sheet / temperature check will be at the door

**we have a zero tolerance policy for any sexual harassment, transphobia, homophobia, racism, and other forms of discrimination -- violators will be asked to leave at once -- please treat each other kindly consent is a must -- here is a brief overview of it: https://www.11thprincipleconsent.org/what-do-you-consent-to/ $10-15 at door venmo / paypal / cash a very limited amount of $7 tickets will be available at Angry Mom Records from October 14. 21+

*no photos / phones on the dancefloor the dancefloor is for dancing -- using your phone on the dancefloor interrupts the energy of the dancers around you