Microtones 091722

Microtones 091722

Microtones reconvenes in the ballroom of Forest City Lodge #180 this Fall with Savan Depaul, McGroove, and local support from Kamal Naeem, Desert Rose, and Re. 🌟

Beautiful collage flyer by Kristi Gogos (@giasou). 🌼

Entry is 21+ and costs $10-20 sliding scale. Your fee goes to paying the artists and upkeep of the parties. 🦗

Thank you so much to the Ithaca people for continuing to support these events - they serve as a means to maintain the lodge and as a gathering space for people interested in a more immersive dance floor in Ithaca. This edition of Microtones is organized by Chris Knight and Re (@knightsynth & @radifasi).

Looking forward to dancing with you~