Microtones - 031122

Microtones - 031122


Event series and label Microtones will debut its first show in Detroit on March 11, 2022 from 8 pm to 4 am. The show features four back-to-back sets from electronic music DJs and an installation by KMAA (Katie Hawley, Margaret O'Sullivan, Ashley Cook, and Andrew Charles Edman) a small group of artists in Detroit.

Starting out the evening are Indy Nyles & Otodojo, followed by Craig Gonzalez & Dru Ruiz, special guests Lychee & Guilt Attendant from NYC, and closing out the evening are Jem & Fusegrade.

Microtones wishes to play a small role in helping bring people together, build camaraderie through art and music, and convert sound into tangible support for people. This is reflected in their 'wave~seed' and 'Acid Guardian' fundraising series, which have supported a variety of organizations.

March 11th is a poignant day for Microtones organizer Maro Kariya (otodojo) as it's the 11th anniversary of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, a M9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the lives of many, including Maro’s relatives. After the tsunami, Maro witnessed the tenacity of the people in their relatives' hometown whom quickly returned to rebuilding their lives and supporting others through mutual aid. Maro wishes to transmit this spirit through these events.

Profits from this Microtones show will be shared with the artists (75%) and Community Technology Project (25%), an initiative that’s delivering high speed internet to people without internet access in Detroit.