Colombian Techno
Producer | Philosopher
DJ | Facilitator | Therapist



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Summer - Fall 2023

Barcelona: Aug 10 - 21
Munich: Aug 21 - 24
Berlin: Aug 24 - Sep 11
Rijeka: Sep 11 - Sep 25

Hailing from Bogotá, Colombia, Agua (Camilo Andrés) has been active as a producer and DJ for 15 years. He is also a licensed therapist and learned philosopher, with works examining subjects such as Algorave.

Agua’s first EP ‘Ja Tor’ was released by A.R.T.S. Digital in 2017, and he has since been honing his craft.

As one of the founders of Unterbog, a techno collective based in Bogotá, he helped feature artists such as Adriana López, Developer, Svreca, Aleja Sánchez, Mike Parker, Anthony Linell, and NHK yx koyxen.

The collective participated in events such as the 24/7 Resident Advisor night in Bogota at VideoClub, Festival Hermoso Ruido, Baum Festival, and Sónar Festival Bogotá.

Currently, Agua runs a podcast and event series entitled Dolor en Detroit, which has so far taken place at El Rio Hostel, Espacio KB, and more, with the aim of operating as a platform to amplify performing opportunities for local and national electronic music artists, and further unite the Colombian Electronic Music Scene.


Critical Subjectivity in Algorave’s Post-Work Practices

Selected Mixes: